“Radhika Gupta’s Surprising Tip: Transform Your Investments with ‘Dal-Chawal’ Funds!”

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Radhika Gupta, Managing Director and CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund has once again taken to social media to offer valuable insights on prudent mutual fund investments. In a recent series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), she emphasized the importance of allocating “80 percent” of one’s investment portfolio to “dal-chawal” funds.

Gupta highlighted the risk of over-diversification by referencing an investor who had allocated ₹27,000 monthly SIP across 31 funds, including 15 narrow sectoral ones, which she cautioned against in the current economic climate.

She defined “dal-chawal” funds as broad-based mutual funds that encompass a diverse range of sectors and exhibit resilience across various market cycles. Gupta recommended several categories, including Balanced Advantage and aggressive hybrid funds, flexi-cap, multi-cap, large and mid-cap funds, and broad-based index funds spanning from 250 to 500.

Whether active or passive, Gupta stressed the importance of avoiding narrow theme-based funds that may perform well in specific market conditions but falter in others. She underscored the benefits of diversified investments that help mitigate risks associated with sector-specific downturns and economic fluctuations.

Furthermore, Gupta advocated for traditional flexi-cap and multi-cap funds, highlighting their conservative approach to sector rotation amidst unpredictable market cycles. She promised to delve deeper into sectoral funds in future discussions.

In conclusion, Radhika Gupta’s advice encourages investors to prioritize stability and diversification in their mutual fund portfolios, ensuring they are well-positioned to weather market volatility and capitalize on long-term growth opportunities.

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