Drone Deliveries Poised to Revolutionize Urban Quick Commerce by 2027

Ecom Express Drone Ft

The future of urban quick commerce could soon be defined by drone deliveries, with forecasts indicating drones will handle 30% of all such deliveries in major cities by 2027, according to a report by the Financial Express. This shift is driven by the significant advantages drones offer to quick commerce operations.

Rohan Dani from BlackSoil highlighted that drones have the potential to reduce delivery times by up to 50% and cut costs by 30%, due to their lower operating expenses compared to traditional vehicle deliveries.

Exploring this frontier are logistics giants like Ecom Express and Shiprocket, who are partnering with drone startups to integrate drone delivery services into their operations. These collaborations leverage “drone-as-a-service” models to establish sky pods in residential areas. Here, drones capable of carrying parcels up to 10 kg are stationed, serviced by delivery executives known as skywalkers.

For instance, Skye Air Mobility has already deployed drones in Gurgaon, servicing over 70 residential areas and handling up to 1,000 packages daily across three communities. By year-end, Skye Air aims to scale this to 10,000 packages per day in more than 100 communities in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Ankit Kumar, CEO of Skye Air Mobility, emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing last-mile logistics efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Each drone delivery reportedly reduces carbon emissions by approximately 520 grams, potentially saving up to 80 tonnes daily with 1,000 deliveries.

The civil aviation ministry’s forthcoming initiatives are expected to further accelerate drone adoption beyond delivery services, spanning sectors like healthcare, infrastructure inspection, and agriculture.

In August 2023, Shiprocket initiated drone delivery trials in Gurugram, managing over 5,000 monthly deliveries to refine their systems. Ecom Express, focusing on same-day and next-day delivery services, conducts 150 to 200 drone deliveries daily in Gurgaon across various product categories.

Looking ahead, Ecom Express plans to expand drone delivery services to more pin codes in Gurgaon and subsequently to other major cities such as Bengaluru and Chandigarh. Garuda Aerospace also aims to deploy thousands of drones this year, integrating them into agricultural and logistics operations across 400 districts.

The rise of drone deliveries signifies a transformative shift towards faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly urban logistics solutions.

source – bussiness standard

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