QR Revolution: UPI Payments Now in UAE!”

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NPCI International Joins Hands with Network International to Introduce UPI Payments in UAE

In a significant move towards enhancing digital payment solutions abroad, NPCI International Payments Ltd has teamed up with Network International to bring UPI payments to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Network International, a prominent player in digital commerce across the Middle East and Africa, will facilitate QR code-based UPI payments through its extensive network of point-of-sale (POS) terminals in the UAE.

The introduction of UPI payments in the UAE marks a milestone in providing seamless and secure transaction options for Indian tourists and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) visiting the region. This initiative aims not only to cater to the payment preferences of Indian travelers but also to promote the adoption of innovative digital payment solutions internationally.

Ritesh Shukla, CEO of NPCI International, expressed optimism about the partnership, highlighting its potential to enrich the payment experience for Indian consumers abroad. “By expanding UPI payment acceptance across merchants in the UAE, we are not just offering convenience to Indian travelers but also advancing the global reach of UPI as a preferred digital payment method,” said Shukla.

According to projections from NPCI, the number of Indian tourists visiting Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries is expected to reach 9.8 million in 2024, with the UAE anticipating 5.29 million arrivals from India alone. This surge underscores the growing importance of facilitating familiar and efficient payment options for travelers from India.

The initiative aligns with efforts by the Indian government, the Reserve Bank of India, and NPCI International to promote the global acceptance of UPI. Besides the UAE, UPI payments are officially recognized in countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Singapore, France, and Bhutan, reflecting its expanding international footprint.

The collaboration between NPCI International and Network International signifies a strategic step towards fostering digital connectivity and enhancing financial inclusivity across borders. As digital payment ecosystems continue to evolve globally, partnerships like these are crucial in driving seamless and secure payment solutions for consumers worldwide.

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