Unacademy Implements Significant Workforce Reduction Amid Restructuring Efforts

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Unacademy, a prominent player in the edtech sector and backed by SoftBank, has initiated another round of layoffs, affecting 250 employees across various departments. This move marks a substantial reduction in its workforce, amounting to a 50% decrease compared to its staffing levels two years ago. Sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that 100 of the affected employees held pivotal roles in core functions such as marketing, business development, and product management, while the remaining layoffs came from the sales division.

The decision comes amidst ongoing restructuring efforts within Unacademy, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and aligning with the company’s strategic goals for sustainable growth and profitability. As a result of these changes, the company’s total headcount now stands below 3,000, down significantly from approximately 6,000 employees earlier in 2022.

An Unacademy spokesperson acknowledged the development, emphasizing the company’s commitment to supporting impacted employees during this transitional period. “As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline operations and enhance business efficiency, we have recently undergone a restructuring exercise. This was necessary keeping in mind the company’s goals and vision for the year,” the spokesperson stated.

Unacademy, valued at $3.4 billion following its last funding round in 2021, has experienced several rounds of layoffs since 2022 as part of its broader strategy to realign resources and focus areas. Reports suggest that these measures are intended to bolster the company’s competitive edge in the rapidly evolving edtech landscape.

In addition to internal adjustments, Unacademy is reportedly exploring strategic opportunities, including a potential merger with K-12 Techno Services, the parent company of Orchid International, a chain of schools. This initiative underscores Unacademy’s efforts to diversify its educational offerings and expand its market footprint.

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