Dubai’s RTA Invests Dhs350m to Upgrade nol System

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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has undertaken a significant investment of Dhs350 million to modernize its card-based ticketing system, known as the nol system. This move is a pivotal aspect of the RTA’s Digital Strategy Roadmap 2023-2030, launched in December of the previous year.

Central Wallet Technology Integration

The key highlight of this upgrade involves transitioning from a card-based ticketing system to a central wallet technology or account-based ticketing system. The new nol system introduces integrated packages that span a diverse range of services, including the issuance of family and group tickets. Notably, it incorporates advanced technologies such as facial recognition and enables payment through smart devices.

Improved User Experience

The upgraded system significantly enhances the overall user experience by providing direct access to essential information. Users can easily check account balances, review travel history, understand ticket pricing, and calculate fares. The system facilitates seamless management of accounts and addresses issues related to lost cards, among various other features.

Innovative Features and Global Alignment

Furthermore, the modernized nol system brings several innovative features to the table, including support for trip planning, booking, and pre-payment through smart channels. This upgrade aligns with global advancements in digital payment solutions and financial technology, reflecting the government’s Cashless Dubai initiative.

Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General, and Chairman of the RTA, emphasized the strategic importance of this upgrade, stating, “Upgrading the nol system contributes to leveraging the public transport payment system in Dubai. It is a crucial step towards embracing the swift global advancements in digital payment solutions and fintech.”

Integration and Security Enhancement

The new system establishes a link between all issued cards and individual customer accounts, as well as accounts for companies and multi-user entities. This integration enhances the security of personal and customer data, ensuring privacy protection. With the adoption of central wallet technology, the RTA aims to provide a secure and streamlined experience for all users.

Digital Strategy Roadmap 2023-2030

This significant upgrade is part of the broader Digital Strategy Roadmap 2023-2030 unveiled by the RTA in December. The roadmap outlines the authority’s commitment to becoming a global leader in digital transformation, emphasizing optimal data investment, flexible and scalable digital infrastructure, and full fintech integration in mobility solutions.

The Dhs350 million investment is just one component of the comprehensive Dhs1.6 billion digital strategy, which encompasses 82 projects and initiatives. These initiatives aim to strengthen the authority’s digitalization journey by leveraging data effectively, constructing agile and scalable infrastructure, and fostering collaboration with partners.

Dubai’s RTA is resolute in accelerating the pace and impact of future digital transformation, aligning its digital strategy with the company’s Strategic Plan 2024-2030 and the broader Dubai Digital Strategy. This forward-looking approach ensures that Dubai’s public transportation system remains at the forefront of global technological advancements.

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