The Elite Cars Launches Jetour T2 in the UAE

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Dubai, January 27, 2024 — The Elite Cars, the exclusive distributor of Jetour in the UAE, has made waves with the international debut of the Jetour T2. This momentous occasion underscores the region’s global importance and marks a historic milestone as the new model’s first-ever global introduction.

A Vision of Excellence

The Jetour T2 embodies a vision of excellence, combining safety, comfort, intelligence, and robustness. As the night sky over Terra Solis lit up with a synchronized drone show, attendees were treated to a visual extravaganza that showcased the car’s design and the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries. The mesmerizing display of fireworks added to the excitement, setting the stage for a new era in SUV automotive excellence.

Unveiling the Jetour T2

  • First T-Series Product: The Jetour T2 is the first T-series product under the Jetour brand. It represents the spirit of modern luxury and adventurous travel.
  • Thrill Seeker’s Delight: Designed for thrill seekers, this 4×4 SUV combines cutting-edge technology with an exquisite muscular design.
  • Unparalleled Performance: The 4-cylinder 2.0 Turbo-charged engine delivers an impressive 254 bhp, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating drive on all terrains.
  • Intelligent Features: The Jetour T2 offers a choice of seven driving modes, an intuitive multi-function display, bilingual voice control, and Kunpeng Power.

Keys to Exceptional Vehicles

To commemorate this momentous occasion, six lucky customers received the keys to their Jetour T2 cars. These esteemed clientele in the UAE now have the unique distinction of being the first to own and drive these exceptional vehicles.

A Commitment to Excellence

Tamer Abu Khalaf, Co-Founder of The Elite Cars, expressed pride in introducing the Jetour T2 to their valued customers. “With its impeccable design and advanced features, Jetour’s latest model – The T2 – is perfectly suited for the demands of this region,” he remarked. “Our customers can venture into any terrain with peace of mind, knowing that their Jetour T2 will effortlessly conquer any challenge.”

Li Xueyong, President of Jetour Auto and Vice President of Chery Automobile Co. Ltd., emphasized the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and performance. “We have seen exponential growth in the UAE since our official launch in 2018,” he said. “With the all-new Jetour T2, we will continue to captivate the hearts of customers in the region.”

The Jetour T2 is more than an SUV; it’s a statement of excellence, adventure, and the future of automotive luxury. As deliveries begin, the UAE’s automotive landscape is forever transformed by this remarkable addition.

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