Saudi Arabia Records 40% Jump in Cloud Computing Growth

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In a testament to the increasing reliance on digital services, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable surge in cloud computing registrations, marking a 40% year-on-year growth for the last quarter. The Ministry of Commerce’s latest quarterly bulletin highlights a substantial increase in the issuance of cloud computing permits, reaching 1,759 between October and December 2023, compared to 1,252 permits during the same period in 2022.

Regional Distribution:

Breaking down the numbers, the majority of cloud computing registrations were concentrated in Riyadh, with 1,062 permits, followed by Makkah with 346 permits. This distribution emphasizes the pivotal role played by major urban centers in driving the Kingdom’s digital transformation.

Key Players and Infrastructure Development:

The surge in cloud computing permits aligns with recent developments in Saudi Arabia’s technology landscape. Notably, late last year, global technology giant Google inaugurated its first cloud region in the kingdom, expanding its global network to 39 regions. This strategic move not only underscores the growing significance of Saudi Arabia in the global tech ecosystem but also signifies the nation’s commitment to fostering a robust digital infrastructure.

Google’s Impact and Projections:

Research commissioned by Google indicates that the cloud economy’s impact in Saudi Arabia is expected to reach an impressive $109 billion. Furthermore, the cloud sector has the potential to generate approximately 148,600 jobs by the year 2030. These projections underscore the transformative power of cloud computing, not only in enhancing digital capabilities but also in contributing significantly to economic growth and job creation.

Implications for Saudi Arabia’s Digital Future:

The substantial increase in cloud computing registrations reflects the expanding digital footprint in Saudi Arabia, fueled by growing demand for innovative digital services. This trend is indicative of a broader shift towards embracing cloud technologies for improved efficiency, scalability, and accessibility.

As businesses and government entities increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions, the nation is likely to witness a continued acceleration in its digital transformation journey. This not only enhances the overall technological landscape but also positions Saudi Arabia as a key player in the global digital economy.

Saudi Arabia’s impressive 40% year-on-year growth in cloud computing registrations underscores the nation’s commitment to embracing digital technologies. With major players like Google investing in the country’s cloud infrastructure, Saudi Arabia is poised to reap the economic benefits and job opportunities associated with a thriving cloud ecosystem. As the kingdom continues its digital journey, the surge in cloud computing growth serves as a testament to its vision of becoming a leading player in the rapidly evolving global technology landscape.

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