Dubai Real Estate Surges with Record-Breaking $2.75 Billion in Weekly Transactions


In a remarkable display of resilience and vibrancy, Dubai’s real estate sector has reported a staggering $2.75 billion in transactions for the week ending January 12th, according to the latest report from the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The report unveils a total of 2,910 property transactions, amounting to AED 10.1 billion, reaffirming Dubai’s status as a global hub for real estate investment.

The DLD’s weekly analysis highlights that land transactions played a significant role in this surge, with 209 plots changing hands for a total value of AED 2.19 billion. Simultaneously, the market witnessed robust activity in residential properties, with 2,100 apartments and villas fetching a remarkable AED 4.84 billion.

The three most notable transactions included a substantial land deal in Al Hebiah Sixth, commanding AED 138.65 million, followed closely by a prime Business Bay land sale at AED 105 million, and a noteworthy land transaction in Palm Jabal Ali amounting to AED 47.36 million.

Al Hebiah Fifth emerged as the hotspot for real estate transactions during the week, recording 44 sales transactions with a cumulative value of AED 163.91 million. Following closely were Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, boasting 33 sales transactions valued at AED 398.83 million, and Madinat Hind 4 with 30 sales transactions worth AED 42.29 million.

The residential segment showcased remarkable deals as well, with the top three apartment and villa transfers including a property in Al Wasl fetching AED 66 million, another in Al Thanayah Fourth at AED 46 million, and an apartment in Al Hebiah Fourth with a value of AED 40.02 million.

In addition to the surge in property transactions, the report also revealed that the total value of mortgaged properties reached AED 2.28 billion for the week. Meanwhile, 82 properties were granted between first-degree relatives, amounting to a noteworthy AED 799 million.

The data underscores Dubai’s enduring appeal as a global real estate destination, driven by a combination of strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment. Despite global economic uncertainties, Dubai’s real estate sector continues to attract investors, signaling optimism and confidence in the Emirate’s growth trajectory.

As the Dubai real estate market continues to demonstrate resilience and adaptability, these record-breaking figures serve as a testament to the city’s unwavering position as a dynamic and lucrative investment destination.

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