Egypt’s Health Ministry Takes Strides in Healthcare: 34 New Physical Therapy Departments Opened in 2023

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In a remarkable initiative to enhance healthcare services across Egypt, the Ministry of Health and Population proudly announced the establishment of 34 new physical therapy departments in various governorates throughout the year 2023. The move is part of the ministry’s ongoing efforts to improve medical facilities, cater to diverse healthcare needs, and promote wellness across the nation.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, highlighted some key developments in pediatric care and physical therapy units. He noted that the pediatric treatment unit at Umm Al-Masryeen Hospital saw significant improvements with the addition of a light stimulation unit, enhancing the facility’s capabilities in treating young patients. Furthermore, Abdel Ghaffar underscored the inauguration of the physical therapy department at the Rawdat October Family Medical Center in Giza governorate and the enhancement of the physical therapy department at the Sidi Omar Unit in Qena governorate.

Notably, the ministry’s expansion efforts extended to different regions, with three new physical therapy departments established in Alexandria and a substantial ten departments in Sharkeya. Additional units were inaugurated in Kafr El Sheikh and Menoufeya, further diversifying the availability of crucial healthcare services across the country.

In Dakahleya governorate, the ministry addressed the healthcare needs of children by opening physical therapy clinics, complemented by family medicine units in key cities such as Mansoura, Mit Ghamr, Talkha, and Aja. Simultaneously, the physical therapy department at Tami Al-Amdid Central Hospital was equipped and developed to enhance its service delivery.

Mohamed El-Nadi, the head of the Central Administration for Therapeutic Medicine, detailed specific advancements in various governorates. Fayoum governorate witnessed the establishment of the physical therapy department in the health unit in the village of Tatoun, as well as the development of the physical therapy department in Fayoum General Hospital. Matrouh governorate saw the opening of the physical therapy unit in El-Negila Central Hospital.

El-Nadi further emphasized the expansion and improvement of healthcare services in Sohag governorate, where the physical therapy department at the endemic clinic was expanded to include two treatment rooms for children and a laser facility. The laser device was also put into operation in the distinguished physical therapy department at the endemic clinic. In the Red Sea governorate, the physical therapy department at Shalatin Central Hospital commenced its operations.

The developments in Qalyubeya governorate included the development of the physical therapy department in Al-Kharqaniya, Al-Qanater Al-Khairiya Administration, and the opening of a new department in the Family Health Unit in Sindbis, Al-Qanater Al-Khairiya Administration. Furthermore, two physical therapy departments were inaugurated in Al-Gharbeya governorate, serving the villages of Mit Assas and Shobar.

South Sinai Governorate experienced significant improvements with the opening and development of the physical therapy department at Al-Tur Hospital in Al-Zahraa Family Medical Center. Additionally, the physical therapy clinic at the artificial kidney unit at Al-Tor Hospital was established. Furthermore, the ministry expanded its footprint in South Sinai by opening and developing physical therapy departments at Taba and Catherine Central Hospitals, integrating them into the General Authority for Health Care.

These commendable efforts by Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population reflect a commitment to ensuring accessible and high-quality healthcare services for the citizens, marking a positive stride towards an improved and inclusive healthcare system.

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