Dubai Residents Cruise into 2024 with Luxury Wins: BMW and Range Rover Unveiled in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw


As the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2023, two fortunate Dubai residents, Kapadia Huseni and Milind Kini, welcomed the New Year in style, each driving away with a brand new luxury car. The Abu Dhabi Big Ticket live draw turned their dreams into reality, unveiling a sleek Range Rover for Huseni and a stylish BMW 430i for Kini.

Huseni, an Indian national hailing from Mumbai and currently residing in Dubai, is the proud owner of a business specializing in the supply of building materials. His journey to winning these coveted wheels began with a decision to try his luck in the Dream Car raffle, where fate had a pleasant surprise in store. Taking advantage of a special Buy 2 Get 2 offer, Huseni and his business partner secured their tickets, and to their astonishment, the free ticket turned out to be the golden key to a brand new Range Rover.

The gleaming luxury SUV, a symbol of sophistication and performance, now graces Huseni’s driveway, marking a spectacular start to the New Year. The Range Rover, known for its opulent interiors and cutting-edge technology, is not just a car but an epitome of automotive excellence.

On the other side of this serendipitous draw, Milind Kini found himself the proud owner of a sleek BMW 430i, adding an extra layer of excitement to his New Year celebrations. The BMW 430i is a blend of elegance and power, offering a thrilling driving experience with its dynamic performance and modern design. Kini’s joy knows no bounds as he embarks on journeys with this new automotive companion.

The Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw has become synonymous with transforming lives and creating moments of jubilation, and this year was no exception. The thrill of anticipation during the live draw, the gasps of surprise, and the overwhelming joy of winning a dream car are experiences etched in the memories of Huseni and Kini forever.

As these two Dubai residents vroomed into the New Year with their newfound treasures, the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket once again proves to be a beacon of hope and excitement for those looking to turn their dreams into reality. The allure of winning a luxury car, combined with the spirit of celebration during the New Year’s draw, adds an extra layer of magic to the already spectacular event.

For Kapadia Huseni and Milind Kini, the road ahead is not just paved with asphalt but with the memories of a moment that changed their lives. As they buckle up and drive into the future, the echo of their names being called as winners of a Range Rover and a BMW 430i will forever resonate in the annals of Abu Dhabi Big Ticket history, inspiring others to dare to dream and believe in the power of luck.

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