UAE: Dh75,000 Food Bill; Dh7,500 Single Order — Top Purchases of 2023 on App Revealed


In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, the United Arab Emirates witnessed an astonishing array of high-value purchases through various mobile applications in 2023. While long queues outside popular retail stores for the latest gadgets have been a common sight, one UAE resident took a different route, opting for the convenience of app-based shopping. The top spot for the most substantial single order in 2023 was a remarkable $2,042 (Dh7,500) transaction on the Quik Groceries section of the Careem app.

Skipping the Queues with Quik Groceries:

The traditional image of tech enthusiasts waiting in anticipation outside Apple stores for the newest iPhone release became a thing of the past for one savvy shopper in the UAE. Instead of braving the crowds, this resident opted for the comfort and efficiency of Quik Groceries on the Careem app. In a single transaction totaling Dh7,500, the individual ordered the highly coveted iPhone 15 and an Apple Watch Ultra 2, both of which were promptly delivered to their doorstep within minutes.

The Evolution of App-Based Shopping:

The shift towards app-based shopping has been steadily growing, with consumers increasingly valuing the convenience and time-saving benefits offered by mobile applications. In this case, the Quik Groceries section of the Careem app allowed the customer to not only avoid the hassle of physical stores but also facilitated a swift and seamless shopping experience.

Top Purchases of 2023:

While the Dh7,500 single order for the latest Apple products stands out as the largest Quik Groceries transaction on the Careem app in 2023, it is not the only noteworthy purchase. The app also recorded an astounding Dh75,000 food bill, highlighting the diverse nature of transactions facilitated through this platform. This significant expenditure on food items showcases the versatility of app-based services, addressing various consumer needs beyond just technology and gadgets.

Implications for Retail and Consumer Behavior:

The notable purchases on the Careem app shed light on the evolving landscape of retail and consumer behavior in the UAE. As consumers become increasingly accustomed to the convenience of app-based platforms, traditional retail models may need to adapt to stay competitive. Moreover, the diversity in top purchases, ranging from high-tech gadgets to substantial food bills, indicates that consumers are utilizing these platforms for a wide array of needs.

The UAE’s retail landscape witnessed a notable shift in 2023, with app-based shopping taking center stage. The Dh7,500 single order for the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 on the Careem app exemplifies the changing dynamics of consumer behavior, favoring convenience and efficiency. As technology continues to shape the way people shop, businesses must adapt to these evolving trends to meet the diverse needs of their customers in the digital age.

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