Dh96,000 Fine in UAE: Ministry Takes Stricter Measures to Boost Emiratisation Targets

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has intensified efforts to promote the employment of its citizens in the workforce through Emiratisation targets, with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) implementing stricter regulations on over 12,000 companies. These regulations aim to foster the inclusion of UAE nationals in various economic sectors, signaling a commitment to building a more diversified and sustainable workforce.

Expanded Emiratisation Targets:

In a recent move, Mohre has extended the Emiratisation targets to include more than 12,000 companies operating in 14 specific economic sectors. Firms falling within the bracket of 20-49 employees are now mandated to hire at least one UAE citizen in 2024 and an additional one in 2025. This initiative aligns with the UAE’s broader vision of boosting national workforce participation and reducing reliance on expatriate labor.

Notification and Digital System:

Mohre has adopted a proactive approach by notifying the targeted companies through its digital system, affording them ample time to align with the new Emiratisation requirements. This digital communication platform ensures a streamlined process for companies to receive and respond to the notifications, allowing for efficient compliance.

Key Economic Sectors:

The targeted companies operate within 14 key economic sectors that have been identified as crucial for the country’s sustainable growth. These sectors include Information and communications; finance and insurance; real estate; professional and technical activities; administrative and support services; education; healthcare and social work; arts and entertainment; mining and quarrying; transformative industries; construction; wholesale and retail; transportation and warehousing; and accommodation and hospitality. These sectors are not only pivotal to the UAE’s economic development but also have the potential to create substantial employment opportunities for Emirati citizens.

Rationale Behind the Emiratisation Drive:

The Emiratisation drive serves as a strategic response to the evolving economic landscape of the UAE. By encouraging the employment of UAE nationals across diverse sectors, the government aims to create a balanced and resilient workforce. This approach not only addresses concerns related to workforce diversity but also contributes to the socio-economic development of the country.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

To ensure the effectiveness of the Emiratisation targets, the UAE government has instituted penalties for non-compliance. Companies failing to meet the stipulated requirements may face fines of up to Dh96,000. These penalties underscore the government’s commitment to achieving tangible results and fostering a sense of responsibility among employers.

The implementation of stricter Emiratisation targets on over 12,000 companies reflects the UAE’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing its citizens in the labor market. As the country continues to pursue economic diversification and sustainable growth, Emiratisation initiatives play a crucial role in shaping a workforce that is reflective of the nation’s identity and aspirations. By fostering inclusivity and reducing dependency on expatriate labor, the UAE aims to build a robust and resilient economy that benefits both the nation and its citizens.

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