AD Ports Group to Manage 3 Cruise Terminals in Egypt, Including Sharm El Sheikh

Aqaba cruise terminal inaugurated

Dubai-based AD Ports Group has successfully secured a significant concession deal that grants management contracts for three cruise terminals in Egypt, with a specific focus on enhancing the iconic Sharm El Sheikh terminal. The 15-year agreement aims to revitalize the cruise tourism sector in Egypt and solidify AD Ports Group’s position as a key player in the region.

Renovation Boost for Sharm El Sheikh Terminal

At the heart of this deal is the commitment to the extensive renovation of the Sharm El Sheikh terminal, a popular destination among cruise enthusiasts. The planned renovations are expected to significantly enhance the infrastructure, amenities, and overall experience for cruise tourists visiting the Red Sea region.

The investment earmarked for the project amounts to a substantial $3 million spread over the 15-year contract period. This financial commitment underscores AD Ports Group’s dedication to not only efficiently manage the terminals but also to elevate the standard of cruise tourism in Egypt.

Strategic Investments and Operational Enhancements

The scope of the agreement extends beyond the mere management of the terminals. AD Ports Group has ambitious plans to invest in the improvement of access for cruise operators and introduce new and exciting itineraries through its existing cruise terminal network in the Red Sea. This strategic move is poised to attract more cruise traffic to Egypt, benefitting both the tourism sector and the local economy.

“This will in turn strengthen AD Ports Group’s cruise business in the Red Sea region, supporting volumes of cruise passengers and elevating passenger and cruise experiences,” stated a press release from the company. The emphasis on enhancing passenger experiences aligns with the growing trend in the travel industry, where personalized and enriching experiences play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining tourists.

Cruise Tourism Boost for Egypt

The AD Ports Group’s venture into managing these three cruise terminals in Egypt comes at a crucial time for the country’s tourism sector. By focusing on Sharm El Sheikh, a renowned cruise destination, the project aims to attract a higher flow of cruise tourists into Egypt, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth. The 15-year duration of the concession agreement provides a stable and long-term framework for the development of cruise tourism infrastructure.

Finalization of Concession Agreement

The finalization of the concession agreement is eagerly anticipated and is expected to take place during the current quarter. Once concluded, it will mark the beginning of a new era for cruise tourism in Egypt, with AD Ports Group at the forefront of driving positive changes and contributing to the overall growth of the industry.

The AD Ports Group’s management of three cruise terminals, including the Sharm El Sheikh terminal, reflects a forward-looking strategy to boost cruise tourism in Egypt. The combination of substantial investments, operational enhancements, and a focus on improving passenger experiences positions this venture as a key driver for the region’s tourism sector, with potential long-term benefits for both the company and the Egyptian economy.

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