Emirates Islamic Launches QuickRemit Money Transfer Service to the United Kingdom

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Emirates Islamic, a prominent Islamic financial institution in the United Arab Emirates, has expanded its QuickRemit service to include remittances to the United Kingdom. The QuickRemit platform, known for its 60-second online fund transfer service, enables Emirates Islamic customers to send funds swiftly, conveniently, and at competitive rates to any Lloyds Bank account in the UK.

This strategic move allows Emirates Islamic customers to complete QuickRemit transfers to Lloyds Bank accounts within an impressive 60 seconds, while transfers to other UK banks are guaranteed to be processed within one hour. Lloyds Bank, a leading financial institution in the UK with over 500 branches across England and Wales, offers a broad network for recipients to access their funds seamlessly.

Emirates Islamic customers can access the QuickRemit service through the EI+ mobile banking app, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience. Notably, the service comes with zero remittance fees, making it an attractive option for customers seeking cost-effective and efficient cross-border transactions.

Mohamed Al Hadi, Acting Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates Islamic, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion of QuickRemit to the UK. He stated, “Expanding our QuickRemit transfer service to the UK introduces simplicity, agility, and security to the remittance experience of one of our key customer segments. The QuickRemit service offers customers a quick, free remittance channel to send money to the UK for various purposes including family needs, education, or for investment.”

Emirates Islamic has already successfully implemented the QuickRemit service for transfers to India and Pakistan, partnering with HDFC Bank and Faysal Bank, respectively. The addition of the United Kingdom to this list signifies the bank’s commitment to providing efficient and accessible financial services to its diverse customer base.

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Emirates Islamic’s QuickRemit service emerges as a noteworthy player, leveraging technology to streamline international money transfers. This initiative reflects the institution’s dedication to enhancing customer experience, facilitating global transactions, and reinforcing its position as a leading player in the Islamic banking sector.

The launch of QuickRemit for remittances to the United Kingdom marks a significant milestone for Emirates Islamic, opening new avenues for seamless and rapid cross-border transactions for its valued customers.

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