UAE’s ‘We Volunteer’ Initiative Paves the Way for Meaningful Community Engagement in 2024″


In a significant step towards fostering community involvement and addressing pressing social priorities, the Authority of Social Contribution (Ma’an) in the United Arab Emirates has launched the ‘We Volunteer’ initiative. This groundbreaking endeavor, unveiled recently in the presence of Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed, Chairman of the Office of Development and Martyrs Families Affairs at the Presidential Court, aims to cultivate a robust volunteering ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. The initiative focuses on creating and promoting meaningful volunteering opportunities that provide innovative solutions to various social challenges by collaborating with the government, private sector, third sector, and individuals.

The Vision Behind ‘We Volunteer’:
The ‘We Volunteer’ initiative is driven by a vision to enhance community engagement by developing a comprehensive volunteering ecosystem. Fatema Abdulla Al Marzooqi, Executive Director of the Community Engagement and Volunteering Sector, highlighted the initiative’s goal of creating impactful opportunities that address crucial social issues. By bringing together governmental entities, private enterprises, the third sector, and individual volunteers, ‘We Volunteer’ aspires to contribute significantly to the well-being of society.

Collaboration Across Sectors:
One of the key aspects of the initiative is its commitment to collaboration across different sectors. ‘We Volunteer’ seeks to harness the collective strengths of the government, private sector, and the third sector to design and implement effective solutions to societal challenges. By fostering partnerships and cooperation, the initiative aims to create a synergy that maximizes the impact of volunteering efforts.

Innovative Solutions for Social Priorities:
The ‘We Volunteer’ initiative stands out by focusing on providing innovative solutions to pressing social priorities. Whether it be healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, or community development, the initiative aims to channel the collective power of volunteers towards creating positive and lasting change. This approach aligns with the broader vision of the UAE in becoming a hub for innovation and social progress.

Individual Empowerment Through Volunteering:
Individuals are at the heart of the ‘We Volunteer’ initiative, and the program encourages citizens and residents alike to actively participate in community service. By offering diverse and meaningful volunteering opportunities, the initiative aims to empower individuals to make a tangible impact on the well-being of their communities. Volunteering is not only seen as a selfless act but also as a pathway for personal growth and fulfillment.
The launch of the ‘We Volunteer’ initiative marks a significant step towards fostering community engagement and addressing social challenges in the UAE. By promoting collaboration across sectors and encouraging individuals to actively participate in volunteering, the initiative is set to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of citizens and residents. As ‘We Volunteer’ gains momentum, it holds the promise of becoming a beacon of inspiration for other regions seeking to build thriving volunteering ecosystems and contribute meaningfully to societal well-being.

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