UAE Consumers Projected to Boost Spending by 5% in 2024 Despite Inflationary Concerns: Mastercard


In a promising outlook for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Mastercard Economics Institute’s Economic Outlook for 2024 suggests that consumers in the country are likely to increase their spending by 5%, defying inflationary concerns. Released on Thursday, the annual report provides insights into the economic landscape, anticipating essential choices for consumers and businesses amid price differences and interest rate fluctuations.

Inflationary Concerns: The report acknowledges the impact of inflation on the decision-making processes of both consumers and businesses. Despite global concerns about rising inflation, the Mastercard Economics Institute projects a relatively moderate year-on-year consumer price inflation rate of 1.9% for the UAE in 2024. This suggests a calculated approach by consumers and businesses in managing their budgets amidst economic uncertainties.

Global Economic Trends: On a global scale, the Mastercard Economics Institute foresees a moderation in inflation rates, with a projected 4.9% year-over-year inflation in 2024. While this marks a decrease from the 6% recorded in 2023, it remains above the pre-pandemic trend of 2.7%. The global economic landscape continues to evolve, and the Institute’s projections hint at a measured recovery from the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumer and Business Decision-Making: With inflation and interest rates influencing budgets, consumers and businesses in the UAE are expected to make essential choices regarding spending and investing. The 5% projected increase in consumer spending signifies a certain level of confidence in the resilience of the UAE economy, as individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of the post-pandemic recovery.

Tourism as a Bright Spot: Despite economic uncertainties, the report highlights tourism as a bright spot for many Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) economies, including the UAE. The country’s strategic position as a global tourist hub is expected to contribute positively to its economic recovery. As international travel resumes and restrictions ease, the tourism sector is likely to play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and sustaining consumer spending.

The Mastercard Economics Institute’s Economic Outlook for 2024 paints a cautiously optimistic picture for the UAE, with consumers anticipated to boost spending by 5% despite inflationary concerns. As the global economy adapts to post-pandemic realities, the UAE’s strategic focus on tourism appears to be a key driver of economic recovery. The report underscores the importance of informed decision-making by consumers and businesses in navigating the evolving economic landscape, ensuring sustainable growth in the face of challenges.

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