UAE Green Bonds and Sukuk Issuance Reach Record Dhs15 Billion, Signals Commitment to Sustainable Finance

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is making significant strides in its commitment to sustainable finance, as evidenced by the remarkable surge in green bonds and sukuk issuance. The country’s Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) reported on Monday that issuers have successfully raised a record-breaking Dhs15.45 billion through these environmentally conscious financial instruments. This surge aligns with the UAE’s ongoing efforts to foster green initiatives and accelerate its transition to a low-carbon economy, coinciding with the hosting of the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

Encouraging Sustainability:
The UAE government, in collaboration with the SCA, has been actively encouraging issuers to tap into the green finance market. Green bonds and sukuk are vital instruments that enable companies and organizations to raise capital while directing funds towards environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. This push towards sustainable finance is part of the UAE’s broader strategy to align itself with global efforts to combat climate change.

Record-Breaking Performance:
The SCA’s announcement of Dhs15.45 billion in green bonds and sukuk issuance marks a historic high for the country. This impressive figure underscores the growing interest and confidence in sustainable financial instruments among both issuers and investors. The positive momentum in green finance is indicative of the UAE’s commitment to addressing environmental challenges and creating a more resilient and sustainable future.

COP28 and the UAE’s Global Leadership:
The timing of this record-breaking issuance is noteworthy, coinciding with the UAE hosting the COP28 climate conference in Dubai. As a global platform for climate action, COP28 provides the UAE with an opportunity to showcase its commitment to sustainability and present tangible results in the form of significant green finance achievements. The country’s leadership role in hosting this crucial event further solidifies its dedication to fostering a sustainable and environmentally responsible financial landscape.

Diversification of Financial Instruments:
The significant uptick in green bonds and sukuk issuance reflects a diversification of financial instruments in the UAE. Traditionally known for its oil-based economy, the country is strategically expanding its financial market offerings to include sustainable alternatives. This diversification not only aligns with global trends but also positions the UAE as a forward-thinking financial hub that is resilient to evolving economic landscapes.

Looking Ahead:
As the UAE continues its push towards a low-carbon economy, the momentum in green bonds and sukuk issuance is likely to persist. The SCA’s commitment to fostering a sustainable financial ecosystem, coupled with the positive response from issuers and investors, sets the stage for further growth in green finance. The success of these instruments not only contributes to environmental stewardship but also enhances the UAE’s reputation as a progressive and responsible player in the global financial arena.

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