Google’s Exclusive AI Assistant ‘Pixie’ in the Works for Pixel Devices: A Sneak Peek

google pixie

Google is reportedly developing a Pixel-exclusive AI assistant named ‘Pixie,’ powered by the Gemini model. According to 9To5Google, citing The Information, Pixie is set to leverage data from various Google products, including Gmail and Maps, to create a highly personalized version of the Google Assistant tailored specifically for Pixel devices.

Expected to debut with the next generation of Pixel devices, Pixie is anticipated to offer an enhanced and more personalized user experience compared to the Assistant with Bard integration. Unlike Bard, Pixie will be exclusive to Pixel devices, emphasizing Google’s commitment to delivering unique and tailored services to its flagship smartphone users.

The report suggests that Pixie will boast advanced capabilities, including the ability to perform multimodal tasks. For example, the AI assistant could provide directions to the nearest store where users can purchase a product they have photographed, showcasing its integration with various functionalities on the Pixel device.

Earlier announcements from Google highlighted new AI-based features for the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, introducing Gemini Nano, a specialized AI model based on Gemini 1.0. This model, combined with the Tensor G3 chip on the Pixel 8 Pro, introduced expanded features like Summarise in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard. The Smart Reply feature, initially available on WhatsApp, is set to extend its availability to more messaging apps in the upcoming year.

Gemini Nano, running on the Pixel 8 Pro, brings several advantages by design, including enhanced data security measures to prevent sensitive information from leaving the device and the ability to use features even without a network connection.

Google has affirmed its commitment to integrating Gemini across various products and services, such as Search, Ads, Chrome, and Duet AI, in the months to come. As the development of Pixie progresses, Pixel users can anticipate a more tailored and sophisticated AI assistant experience, further solidifying Google’s position at the forefront of innovative technology and user-centric solutions.

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