PM Modi Urges Global Framework for Ethical AI Use at GPAI Summit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit, emphasized the need for a global framework governing the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI). Acknowledging AI’s potential as a developmental tool, he also highlighted the dangers of its misuse, particularly in the hands of terrorists.

PM Modi outlined the multifaceted challenges associated with AI, including the risks of deepfakes, cyber threats, and data theft. He raised concerns about the potential security threat posed by AI-equipped weapons falling into the hands of terrorist organizations, emphasizing the urgency to formulate a concrete plan to prevent such misuse.

India, during its G20 presidency, had previously proposed the establishment of a responsible, human-centric governance framework for AI. Modi stressed the importance of creating a global framework akin to international agreements and protocols. This framework, he suggested, should include protocols for testing and deploying high-risk and frontier AI tools.

Expressing India’s commitment to the responsible and ethical use of AI, Modi announced the imminent launch of an AI mission by the government. He acknowledged AI’s transformative potential in various sectors, particularly healthcare, and its role in sustainable development. However, he cautioned that caution must be exercised, and the direction of AI development should align with human values and democratic principles.

Privacy concerns were also addressed, with Modi noting that data security is crucial in alleviating these concerns. He urged the timely completion of a global framework, emphasizing its significance for global security, progress, and the well-being of humanity.

Modi underscored the need for inclusivity in AI development, asserting that it should yield inclusive results. He characterized AI as a global movement rather than just a technological advancement, calling for collaborative efforts to establish a framework for the ethical use of AI.

The Prime Minister acknowledged both the positive and negative aspects of AI, emphasizing the transformative nature of this technology. He highlighted the importance of transparency in AI systems, particularly in data and algorithms, to mitigate biases and ensure credibility.

In concluding his remarks, Modi reiterated India’s commitment to responsible AI use, emphasizing the government’s dedication to harnessing AI’s full potential for social development and inclusive growth. He recognized India’s role as a significant player in AI talent, with young Indian tech experts and researchers actively contributing to the exploration of AI’s possibilities.

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