Google Maps Introduces Three New Features for Enhanced Location Privacy


Google Maps is set to revolutionize navigation experiences with the introduction of three new features for Android and iPhones. These features aim to provide users with greater control and personalization over their location data, offering enhanced privacy settings and on-device timeline storage options.

  1. On-Device Timeline Storage: Google Maps is introducing a feature that allows users to save their Timeline data directly on their device. This means that if Location History is enabled, the user’s Timeline will be stored locally. The advantage of this feature is that users can manage, delete, disable, or back up this data at their convenience. This empowers users to have greater control over the storage and accessibility of their location history.
  2. Auto-Delete Control: The auto-delete control in Location History has been updated, with the default setting now being three months instead of the previous 18 months. This setting ensures that data older than three months is automatically removed. However, users have the flexibility to choose to retain data indefinitely if they prefer. Additionally, users can back up their information to the cloud with automatic encryption, providing a secure way to preserve their location history, especially when transitioning to a new device.
  3. Delete Specific Place Activity: Google Maps now allows users to delete specific activity related to particular places. For example, if a user visited a vet clinic and wishes to clear all Maps activity associated with that visit, they can easily do so. This includes searches, directions, visits, and shares linked to that specific location. This targeted deletion feature adds a layer of customization to users’ control over their location data.
  4. Location Controls at a Glance: The familiar blue dot indicating the user’s current location on the map now serves a dual purpose. Tapping on the blue dot provides quick access to essential location controls. Users can conveniently check the status of Location History and Timeline settings and review the level of access granted to Maps. This streamlined feature ensures that users can manage their location data efficiently.

All these features are designed to prioritize privacy and empower users with increased control over their location data. The rollout of these enhancements will occur gradually over the coming weeks for both Android smartphones and iPhones, offering users a more personalized and secure navigation experience on Google Maps.

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