Samsung Set to Integrate Google Pixel-Like AI Features in Galaxy Smartphones

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Samsung is reportedly in the process of incorporating AI features reminiscent of the Google Pixel 8 series into its Galaxy smartphones. The new features are expected to be part of the upcoming One UI update, specifically version 6.1, as per a report by Android Authority.

The upcoming AI features include an innovative tool for generating wallpapers using AI, allowing users to create personalized backgrounds based on combinations of keywords. Additionally, a generative AI capability is anticipated to enable users to relocate objects within images and expand pictures beyond their original borders. The Samsung Notes app is also slated to receive AI enhancements, offering auto-formatting for large paragraphs and the ability to generate summaries upon request.

Samsung has announced a noteworthy addition called “AI Live Translate Call” that will be introduced on upcoming Galaxy devices. This feature aims to provide users with a personal translator integrated into the native call feature. This integration eliminates the need for third-party translation apps, streamlining the process of communicating with speakers of different languages.

The AI Live Translate Call feature will offer real-time audio and text translations as users engage in conversations, making it as straightforward as turning on closed captions during a streaming session. Emphasizing privacy, Samsung assures users that the feature utilizes on-device Galaxy AI, ensuring that private conversations remain securely stored on the user’s phone without leaving the device.

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