Google Unveils Plans for ‘Private Space,’ a Samsung Secure Folder-like Feature, in Android 15


Google is actively developing a new privacy feature aimed at enhancing the protection of sensitive applications on Android devices. As per a report from 9To5Google, the latest preview of the Android operating system indicates that Google is working on introducing a new feature called ‘Private Space.’

Currently, both OnePlus and Samsung provide built-in features that create a concealed private space on devices to secure sensitive data. Following the Android 14 QPR Beta 2 release, Google has hinted at a similar feature, dubbed ‘Private Space.’

The report outlines that the upcoming Private Space application is slated to appear at the bottom of the app drawer. Users will have the option to hide the Private Space icon from the app drawer, making it accessible only through app search. Google is expected to incorporate a “Quick Settings” tile for the convenient locking and unlocking of Private Space.

The forthcoming Private Space app is likely to be seamlessly integrated into the Android system itself. Applications within this private space will remain concealed from the system’s settings app, privacy tools, and permissions manager unless actively unlocked. Additionally, notifications from hidden apps will not surface when the private space is locked.

While the development work is ongoing, the application is not anticipated to launch in the immediate future. According to 9To5Google, the app is expected to make its official debut with the release of Android 15.

In a recent announcement, Google introduced new AI-based features for the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, incorporating Gemini Nano, a specialized AI model based on Gemini 1.0. The combination of the Gemini Nano model and the Tensor G3 chip on the Pixel 8 Pro brings two expanded features: ‘Summarise’ in Recorder and ‘Smart Reply’ in Gboard.

‘Summarise’ in the Recorder app on Pixel 8 Pro generates summaries of recorded conversations, interviews, presentations, and more, even without an active network connection. Meanwhile, ‘Smart Reply,’ powered by Gemini Nano, analyzes ongoing conversations in Gboard and provides suggestions for responses. The feature is currently available to try with WhatsApp and is set to roll out on more platforms in the coming year.

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