Google Messages Poised to Introduce Edit Feature Similar to WhatsApp in Upcoming Weeks: Report


vAccording to recent reports, Google is in the process of developing a new feature for its Messages app that would allow users to edit messages after they have been sent. The SpAndroid reports that certain flags indicating the incorporation of this editing feature have been identified in the beta version of the app, which was rolled out last month for a select group of users. These flags specifically pertain to the activation of an editing user interface (UI) for messages and the retrieval of message edit history from the message database.

In addition, the beta update contains codes that facilitate the processing of edited messages on both the sender’s and receiver’s ends. It’s important to note that activating the current flags does not yield any tangible results, as the feature remains in the developmental phase.

Allegedly, Google has introduced a new table in the database file of the Messages app called “message_edits.” This table includes various columns such as latest_message_id, original_rcs_messages_id, edited_at_timestamp_ms, and received_at_timestamp_ms. It is speculated that this table will be where Google Messages stores details of edited messages for processing.

As of now, Google has not officially confirmed the inclusion of the editing feature in its Messages app. Nevertheless, the presence of these features in the beta version strongly suggests that the functionality will soon be available in the RCS messaging app.

In a recent development, Google has also incorporated support for the Ultra HDR image format in RCS chats on the Google Messages app for Android 14 devices. This format, available exclusively on Android 14, utilizes the standard JPEG format with HDR metadata. For devices without HDR displays, the image will be presented in the standard format, while HDR-enabled screens will enhance the color and contrast of the image using shared HDR metadata.

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