Apple Rolls Out iOS 17.2 Introducing Spatial Video Recording for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

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Apple has commenced the rollout of the iOS 17.2 update for eligible iPhone models, starting from December 12. This update brings a range of new features, including the debut of the Journal app, expanded functionalities for the Action Button, the capability to record Spatial videos on iPhone 15 Pro models, and more. Here’s an overview of the noteworthy additions in iOS 17.2:

Journal App

Apple introduces the Journal app, designed for iPhone users to capture and document everyday moments and special events in their lives. This app incorporates photos, videos, audio recordings, locations, and more. Leveraging on-device machine learning, the Journal app provides personalized suggestions for journal entries. Users can set customizable notifications, facilitating a consistent journaling practice.

Action Button

The Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro models now includes an additional “translate” option with the iOS 17.2 update. This translation feature enables users to quickly translate phrases or engage in conversations in different languages.


The latest iOS update empowers iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users to record spatial videos. Apple recommends holding the supported iPhones in a stable landscape orientation for optimal results. Spatial videos are recorded at 30 frames per second with 1080p resolution and can be viewed like regular videos in the Photos app, distinguished by the ‘Spatial’ label. Spatial photos and videos, powered by Apple Vision Pro, aim to transport users back to specific moments in time. The focusing speed for the telephoto camera on the Pro models has also been enhanced in this update.


The Messages app receives improvements with the iOS 17.2 software update. A new Catch-up arrow facilitates users in jumping to their first unread message in a conversation, while the context menu now includes an Add Sticker option, enabling users to add stickers directly to message bubbles.


Enhancements to the Weather app include new widgets displaying next-hour precipitation, daily forecasts, sunrise and sunset times, and more. Additionally, a new interactive moon calendar allows users to visualize the moon’s phase on any given day.

With these updates, Apple continues to enhance the user experience and functionality of its iOS ecosystem. Users with eligible iPhones can now explore and enjoy the new features introduced in iOS 17.2.

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