WhatsApp Launches Global Rollout of Vanishing Voice Messages – A Guide on How to Use the Feature


WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has unveiled its latest update, introducing “disappearing voice messages” to bolster user privacy on the platform. This new feature, now available worldwide, empowers users to send voice messages that automatically delete after a single playback. This functionality is reminiscent of the “view once” feature for photos and videos that was introduced in 2021. The messages carrying this unique attribute are marked with a “one-time” icon, signaling to recipients that they are limited to a single play, without the option for forwarding, saving, starring, or sharing.

In a statement, the company highlighted the evolution of privacy features: “We introduced View Once for photos and videos back in 2021 to add another layer of privacy to your messages. Today, we’re excited to announce you can now send a voice message that will disappear once listened to. For reading out your credit card details to a friend, or when you’re planning a surprise, you can now also share sensitive information over a voice message with added peace of mind. For consistency with View Once photos and videos, View Once voice messages are clearly marked with the ‘one-time’ icon and can only be played one time.”

WhatsApp ensures the security of these voice messages by employing end-to-end encryption by default, and users can utilize the “View Once” feature alongside this encryption.

“View Once voice messages are rolling out globally over the coming days, and we look forward to your feedback,” added WhatsApp.

Here’s a guide on how to send disappearing voice messages on WhatsApp:

  • When a user receives a View Once photo, video, or voice message, it must be opened within 14 days of sending; otherwise, it will expire from the chat.
  • Features like forwarding, saving, starring, or sharing are disabled for media sent or received with View Once enabled.
  • If the message is unopened during a backup, View Once media and voice messages can be restored.
  • However, if the photo, voice message, or video was opened, it won’t be part of the backup and cannot be restored.
  • Taking a screenshot of any received View Once media is not permitted by WhatsApp.

Additionally, WhatsApp recently introduced the Secret Code feature, providing an extra layer of privacy. Users can set a unique code, adorned with emojis, specifically for securing locked chats, distinct from the device unlock code. This feature hides the Locked Chats folder from the main chat list, and users can reveal it by inputting the secret code into the search bar for easy access.

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