Google for Startups Accelerator India Welcomes 20 AI-First Startups in Eighth Cohort


Google has unveiled the eighth cohort of its Google for Startups Accelerator in India, featuring 20 innovative AI-first startups in the Seed to Series A stage. Selected from a pool of over 720 applications, these startups are addressing diverse challenges, from discovering antibodies to tackling identity fraud, assisting SMBs in expanding their customer base, streamlining developers’ tasks, and creating AI solutions to address systemic challenges.

Farish CV, Program Manager at Google for Startups Accelerator, India, expressed the company’s commitment to fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and fuels the evolving AI landscape of the Indian startup ecosystem. The goal is to enable the development and scaling of responsible and human-centered AI solutions that positively impact various industries and transform lives.

The program kicked off with a week-long, in-person bootcamp that includes comprehensive training workshops and mentorship support in product development, design, technology, growth, and team management.

The 20 startups joining the eighth class of the Google for Startups Accelerator: India program include:

  1. – AI-powered royalty-free background music creation platform for content creators.
  2. DhiWise – An AI-powered DevTool enabling developers to deliver production-ready source code 10x faster for various web and mobile apps.
  3. Endimension – End-to-End AI platform for radiology diagnosis.
  4. FilterPixel – AI software automating the selection and editing of the best photos based on the photographer’s style.
  5. GalaxEye Space – Building next-generation imaging satellites using multiple sensors and Generative AI for night/cloud-proof imaging.
  6. – A video personalization platform leveraging Generative AI to create personalized videos at scale.
  7. Goodmeetings – A Generative AI-driven video sales platform enhancing sales presentations.
  8. immunitoAI – A TechBio company developing AI-generated novel antibody therapeutics.
  9. Kalam – A personalized mentorship and discipline-facilitating learning ecosystem using AI to address education challenges.
  10. Keploy – Open-source TestGPT toolkit for automating integration testing, converting network calls to test cases, and enabling production incident replays.
  11. Mugafi – Reshaping entertainment through Ved, an AI copilot for creating captivating novels or scripts.
  12. NeuroPixel.AI – A deep tech startup focused on Generative AI and Computer Vision, primarily in fashion e-commerce.
  13. Onward Assist – Assisting the cancer biopsy reporting process through an AI-based solution for accurate scoring, tumor detection, and workflow software to improve cancer outcomes.
  14. Pepper Content – A content marketing platform using expert talent and Generative AI to scale content marketing.
  15. Prescinto – AI-powered SaaS platform for renewable energy plant data analysis, identifying causes for underperformance, and suggesting work orders to increase electricity generation.
  16. Presentations.AI – An AI-powered platform for effortlessly creating stunning presentations.
  17. – Helping businesses detect identity fraud using computer vision.
  18. Wright Research – Revolutionizing investment in India with AI-driven personalized quantitative strategies.
  19. Zocket – AI-powered SaaS platform for SMBs to grow their business with high-performing digital ads.
  20. ZuAI – AI self-study buddy for students.
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