Google Pixel 8 Pro Receives First AI Core Update, Enhancing On-Device Features

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Google is initiating the deployment of updates for a new application named AI Core, specifically designed for users of the Google Pixel 8 Pro. According to a recent report from 9To5Google, the update is currently accessible to a select group of Pixel 8 Pro smartphone users through the Google Play Store.

As outlined in the report, Pixel devices have reserved a dedicated space for AI Core since the introduction of the initial Android 14 update. This application service operates in the background, akin to the Android System Intelligence or Private Compute Services update, and users will not have direct interactions with it.

The Google Play Store description for AI Core highlights its role in powering features throughout the Android system and furnishing apps with the latest AI models. Additionally, the description notes that AI Core manages updates for AI models responsible for driving AI-driven features on the device.

Within the application’s information page, users can find links to ‘Additional settings in the app,’ where a toggle for ‘Enable AI Core Persistent’ is presented. This toggle allows AI Core to operate persistently, allocating memory from the device. The default setting has this option disabled, and users can also access it through Developer options.

According to the report, Google has commenced the widespread rollout of the initial update for AI Core apps, specifically for the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. However, there has been no official announcement regarding the availability of the update on other Pixel 8 devices or earlier Pixel models.

In a previous development, Google integrated the capability to comprehend and analyze YouTube content into its AI chatbot Bard. The Bard changelog revealed that Google expanded the Bard YouTube Extension to enable a deeper understanding of video content, enriching user conversations with the chatbot about such content.

Announced in September, Bard extensions encompass all Google services and apps. While the initial update granted the chatbot the ability to analyze YouTube videos, it did not include an in-depth analysis of the video content. With this recent update, Bard now possesses the capability to interpret video content on Google’s streaming platform and respond to detailed queries related to it.

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