Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) Reverse Selling Trend, Inject ₹378 Crore into Equities in November

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After witnessing significant outflows in October and September, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have shifted gears in November, demonstrating a positive trend in their investments in India’s equity and debt markets. FPIs have injected ₹378 crore into the equity market and ₹12,400 crore into debt during this month.

This turnaround follows a substantial sell-off by FPIs, who divested Indian equities amounting to ₹24,548 crore in October and ₹14,767 crore in September. The debt market also experienced negative inflows during the previous two months.

Despite the challenging period, FPIs have shown resilience, maintaining a positive outlook overall. Their investments in equities have approached ₹1 lakh crore since January 2023.

Experts attribute this positive shift to factors such as the better-than-expected decline in inflation in mid-October and the decrease in U.S. bond yields. The correction in the 10-year benchmark bond yield from 5% in mid-October to the current 4.40% has encouraged FPIs to increase their inflows into the Indian market.

Additionally, the announcement of the inclusion of Indian Government Securities (G-Sec) in the JP Morgan Government Bond Index Emerging Markets has likely played a role in boosting foreign fund participation. This development could potentially lead to substantial inflows of $25 billion to $30 billion into India upon completion of the inclusion process.

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