Instagram Introduces Global Reels Download Feature with Certain Limitations

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Instagram has fulfilled a longstanding user request by globally rolling out the ability to download Reels from public accounts on mobile devices. This sought-after feature, inspired by a similar functionality on TikTok, was initially available in the United States and is now extended to users worldwide.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed the expansion in a broadcast announcement, emphasizing its availability to users globally, with the exception of minors. Mosseri explained that users can now save Reels from public accounts to their camera roll, complete with a watermark displaying the creator’s Instagram handle. While this feature was introduced in the US earlier in the year, it is now accessible to users worldwide.

To download a Reel from a public account, users need to tap the Share icon on the desired Reel and choose the Download option. It’s important to note that public accounts have the option to disable the ability for others to download their Reels. For Reels that aren’t eligible for download, users can still save them for later viewing within the app.

Notably, the download feature is exclusive to mobile users on both Android and iOS platforms. However, Reels from private accounts or those posted by users under 18 cannot be downloaded.

To utilize this feature, users must grant the Instagram app access to their phone’s storage. Once permission is granted, they can easily download Reels by selecting the desired content, tapping the paper plane icon, and choosing the Download option at the bottom. The downloaded Reel will carry a watermark displaying the account’s handle along with the Instagram logo.

Instagram Reels, akin to TikTok, is a feature allowing users to create and discover short, engaging video content. With the ability to record and edit short videos set to music or other audio tracks, users can enhance their Reels using creative tools such as special effects, filters, and text overlays.

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