Airbnb Acquires AI Startup GamePlanner.AI in a Strategic Move


In a significant announcement, Airbnb revealed its acquisition of the secretive AI startup, GamePlanner.AI. The acquisition, reported by CNBC to be around $200 million, marks Airbnb’s first acquisition since 2019 and its maiden one as a public company.

GamePlanner.AI, co-founded by Adam Cheyer and Siamak Hodjat, boasts notable industry experience. Cheyer, recognized for his involvement in co-launching Siri, the AI technology later integrated into Apple’s Siri assistant, teamed up with Hodjat, previously associated with Viv Labs, a company Samsung acquired to develop its own AI assistant, Bixby.

Despite limited public information about GamePlanner, it’s revealed that the 12-person startup merges AI expertise with design principles. The startup’s web presence has been minimal, with only two associated members found on LinkedIn: Gabe Greenbaum, a board member from B Capital, and Joseph Huang, the head of design.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky highlighted the strategic importance of AI in shaping future technologies. He emphasized a vision where AI augments human experiences positively and hinted at leveraging GamePlanner’s AI-focused skill set to accelerate select projects and integrate their tools into Airbnb’s platform.

Chesky has previously expressed ambitions of utilizing generative AI to create a sophisticated “travel concierge” that adapts and learns from travelers. The acquisition signifies Airbnb’s commitment to advancing AI-driven solutions, aligning with Chesky’s vision to revolutionize personalized travel experiences.

The integration of GamePlanner.AI into Airbnb’s ecosystem marks a strategic move aimed at harnessing AI capabilities to offer enhanced, tailored travel experiences, signaling the company’s dedicated push toward innovative AI-driven solutions.

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