Examplad Media to become the first Digital Marketing Agency to raise funds in CryptoCurrency from a Tech Giant.

Examplad Media

It was a record-breaking year for both Cryptocurrencies and the Enterprises that are being established to support the industry’s expansion. According to Insights data, crypto and blockchain start-ups raised a record $25 billion in 2021, an eightfold increase year-over-year, as venture investors attempted to profit from a rise in bitcoin and other tokens.

Cryptocurrency startups have had a strong start to the year, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars even as investors get concerned about a sharp decrease in digital asset prices.

In January, a number of privately held companies reported large cash infusions.

Accept it or not, cryptocurrencies are the way of the future, and the increasing use of these currencies is leading to greater reliance on them.

Examplad Media, one of India’s best Digital PR agencies, is playing a vital part in the crypto sector by promoting its customers’ diverse crypto projects all over the world. Examplad Media has become the one-stop solution for all crypto marketing needs.

Examplad Media’s marketing and digital PR skills is helping new crypto initiatives, and it’s been seen that new crypto projects are garnering more eyeballs thanks to Digital PR.

Examplad Media is in talks to receive a funding from a Tech-Giant from Bangalore, India, in exchange for 10% equity in the company. It has been stated that the funds will be raised in cryptocurrency, which makes the offer unique in that it will be the first time any digital marketing company raises funds in cryptocurrency. “We’re really happy that our company has attracted investors’ attention and we feel really privileged to be offered funding from a Tech Giant,” said Jitesh Tilwani, CEO of Examplad Media. “Being a Digital Marketing company, it’s very difficult to raise funds, but we’re really looking forward to this funding round and will disclose more details if everything goes well.” he added.

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