Market Watch’s guide: How inflation has raised cost of living


The consumer price index calculates how much inflation raises the price of essentials like petrol, groceries, rent and other necessities. Knowing how these things’ costs are changing might give you an idea of the extent of inflation and how it impacts your daily life.

Because of this, economists, legislators, and business executives regularly monitor the CPI, which is the most frequently quoted indicator of inflation. The index has a significant impact on important choices like how much Social Security beneficiaries’ benefits are increased for inflation or how much firms raise employee wages.

Every month in the middle, the Bureau of Labour Statistics releases CPI figures that are divided into more than 200 categories. These costs are searchable in our table. There are eight main groups formed from the categories. The CPI is only one inflation indicator. The Federal Reserve prefers to use the price consumption expenditure index for deciding on interest rates in the United States. Here you may look for pricing changes for the PCE.

The Market Watch table calculates the actual change in prices over the most recent 12 months. The BLS says actual or unadjusted data is the best measure for comparing changes at the same time of year. Seasonally adjusted inflation data is more accurate for determining short-term price trends.

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