Building a $2.8 Million Portfolio from $300,000 in 9 Months. Here’s What Kyle Mufti has to Say About NFT’s and Crypto in 2021

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Serial entrepreneur, investor and CEO of Mufti Holdings Inc. Kyle X. Mufti publicly released his portfolio positions this past weekend. It debuts a healthy 900% return on his initial investment from just 10 months ago. The growth is a result of explosive altcoin’s, trending NFT’s and listening closely to community groups.

“My crypto positions are completely different than that of the stock market. Innovation and utility value is generally my focus. However, with crypto, trends and early launches are where investments are best leveraged. While 20% of my long-term holding accounts are focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, the other 80% is really what I’ve grown with by seeking out trending projects.”

Projects such as DOGE, SOL, MATIC, TEL and CAKE have grown as much as 14,000 percent in 2021. Kyle’s investments began in December 2020 by focusing on what he refers to as “influencer and celebrity pumps” which quickly gain traction across social media.

“Projects like Dogecoin grow exponentially because the collective decides so. It’s a perfect example of how press and social influence can raise the market cap of a meme coin above General Motors based on popularity alone. Today’s success in crypto depends on following reddit, discord, Instagram, and telegram channels to digest a common opinion. With 2-4 hours of research a day, anyone is capable of 10x or more returns while the market is unregulated and maturing.”

Time may be running thin for the opportunistic market as new legislation and policy is introduced. Politicians are either banning, enforcing, or seeking regulation actively for the first time in history. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission’s case on Ripple has been setting a precedent for regulation in the United States with the SEC’s relentless pushback since December 2020.

“Contrary to how most of the blockchain community feels, I believe it’s essential to push governments for more regulation on cryptocurrency and NFT’s. Real utility valued coins are being flushed down the toilet for whatever hot new trend is in on any given day. We need less pump and dumps and more adoption from government bodies. It’s only a matter of time before we enter a cashless society. The failure of regulation will inevitably invite investor tragedy that will spoil the very foundation we should be building upon. As an environmentalist, this will most notably create a greener space for mining with a less criticized footprint.  If that means making less money in the short term, well, that a trade I’m willing to make.”

Mufti was an early adopter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency projects well before 2021. He has a long-term vision for the space and believes that for many, the greatest opportunities are yet to come. 

“If you’ve enjoyed grabbing some of this low-hanging fruit, that’s great. But don’t forget to plant seeds in your real utility coins for long term holdings and take some profits along the way. In 2017, I remember many others forgetting to do this, and it was costly. We’ve learned from cycles in the past. “

You can follow his daily positions, advice and news @kylexmufti

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