The Startup Villa Season 1- New Generation SplitsVilla for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Creators and Investors.

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With artists, investors, creators, and entrepreneurs collaborating, this Mumbai-based startup’s upcoming event is redefining networking events.

YOLO by Trivy Technologies Private Limited founded by Mr. Shivansh Agarwal is an Indian Fintech Startup building prepaid cards for 350M+ Indian Teens and Young Corporates to allow them to save instant money on every spending online and offline with all other exclusive experiences like events, shows, parties, challenges, and more through the app-based platform.

The in-house subsidiary team of “YOLO Xclusive” is all set and ready to design journeys, events, and experiences for entrepreneurs, creators, investors, corporates, and students through their upcoming exclusive ideas.

Their one such upcoming exclusive experience “The Startup Villa (TSV) – #RedefineNetworking” is a much-talked and hyped event for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Creators – like artists and influencers.

Most entrepreneurs, investors, and creative minds like an artist and influencers dream of jamming it with like-minded doers and go-getters, but creating such an opportunity and experience don’t always come easy. If you are someone who’s looking for one such experience, then The Startup Villa may be the place for you.

So what exactly is going to happen in TSV by YOLO

TSV is the platform for the investors, creators, and early adopters of India’s Makers Ecosystem. From cutting-edge technologies to audacious ideas, from path-breaking disruptions to deep humane conversations, TSV 2023 will be the destination for deliberating, deep-diving, and understanding the promise of India’s Maker’s ecosystem.

TSV creates spaces of different backgrounds people to grow their businesses or career and have conversations in extremely happening villas while exchanging perspectives, challenging the known, sharing inspiration, and most essentially learning from each others’ successes and failures.

The event is themed “The Yatra of Innovators” this time which itself reveals the joy of networking wit traveling at happening places with different people a.k.a strangers from different backgrounds and industries all under one roof with one objective to grow, learn and scale together while the idea remains the same – bringing them together and enabling independent conversations.

TSV is expected to impact the following numbers and cities of Maharashtra in its Season -1, They have also collaborated with ASTNT Media to host Season 1 as cinematic series on MX Player covering breakthrough discussions, amazing pitches, and interviews of some of the amazing founders, investors, and creators.

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After speaking with the Founder of YOLO, Mr. Agarwal told us;

The Top Reasons Why Creators, Investors, and Entrepreneurs Will Join TSV:

  1. Find the collaborators to move towards your next step for growth.
  2. Grow your startup or start one or get insights to grow in your career.
  3. Find and meet people who would love to invest in your idea or mentor you.
  4. Get a one-day legit brain vacation and meet the most vibing people and atmosphere around you.
  5. Enjoy the key insights from keynote speakers which includes famous founders, influencers, and artist from India and the keynote investors who have created a huge impact in the maker’s ecosystem.

Not only this, he talked about the exclusive features that define the key difference between TSV and other usual conferences. He related TSV to the very famous Indian Television Live Show SplitsVilla saying “We’re building SplitsVilla For Makers”, thus giving us an indication of doing something big with Season 2. The complete itinerary of the event is given on the TSV Webpage.

Taking forward the conversation with Shivansh, he told us the key features of the event listed below:

  1. The event will be happening for 3 Days in 3 Cities of Maharashtra namely Mumbai, Goa and Pune for Entrepreneurs, Artists, Influencers and Investors.
  2. The individual attendees can book the passes for 1 day or all 3 days followed by a massive party cum gathering eve in Goa on the last day of the event.
  3. The event includes the most luxurious villas across or nearby the 3 cities to host the event with high tea, food, and goodies.
  4. Many media houses will be joining the locations to pick on-spot attendees and interview them in the interview-booth style, so here is a good chance for anyone to grab the interview slot.
  5. The event includes a city outing in the evening with interested people and investors to enjoy an altogether different vibing atmosphere to build a repo with the desired person followed by Night Happy Hours where a few people will gather in the villa to enjoy unique cultural event every day like StandUp Comedy, Singing, Dance etc. and continue networking with unlimited beers and beverages on the house.

Over the next three years, “YOLO Xclusive” team aims to create more indulging and mass-gathering experiences and events to unite the nation and educate them about starting independently with innovative ideas and career opportunities. While TSV is hosted in an attempt to find new ways to connect various kinds of creators and doers, document and impact local life positively and enable conversations as they proceed and provide them enough online and offline exposure that can boost or help them to grow quickly in the ecosystem.

About the passes:

The team has opened the Early Bird Passes for the event and is not looking to fill more than 100 people in each city and more than 1000 people in the Party eve on the last day in Goa.

To book the tickets you can go to their website or social media and get your seats now.

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