A Young Serial Entrepreneur Disrupts the PR Industry By Creating The World’s First PR and Digital Marketplace

To be the one stop service for quick and impactful PR. 1

Akhilendra, founder and CEO of ASTNT Technologies Pvt Ltd. has created the world’s first public relations and digital services marketplace. His PR company, QuickPR, is consistently climbing its way to the top of the PR industry ladder by guaranteeing customer satisfaction by offering a wide range of PR, social media, and digital content marketing services.

The main goal of QuickPR is to offer individuals and businesses: micro, small, and big, the opportunity to build their brand whilst simultaneously improving their business’s online presence. To facilitate this, QuickPR offers a wide range of services which include: social media marketing, content marketing, influencer relations, and media relations, among others.

QuickPR’s content and social media services help businesses attract qualified buyers to their websites. The highly qualified and experienced PR professionals at QuickPR use Search Engine Optimization tactics such as using keywords and hyperlinks in order to boost your business’s content to the first page of Google.

As soon as you submit your PR request at QuickPR’s website, you are connected with vetted PR professionals and digital service providers who will help you grow and improve your business’s digital presence. All a business or an individual needs to do is select which area they require help with and then the providers, who are qualified and have a proven track record of success, will give you a range of strategies and prices to choose from.

Plus, they have made availing of these services easier for the customers by making it paying for services convenient as the website accepts multiple modes of payment. Customers can also choose from QuickPR’s vast network of publications and pick the most suitable websites for their content.

QuickPR has assembled a vast team of experienced professionals that are there to offer customer support 24×7. Executives at QuickPR understand that businesses are afraid of availing their services because of the fickleness of the media and PR industry. Therefore, they offer their customers a money-back guarantee.

If a customer is unhappy with the services provided by QuickPR, they can easily ask for their money back without any questions asked. However, service providers at QuickPR are confident that you’ll never have to avail of this service because they work extremely hard to provide you with tangible results. They are also extremely transparent with their costs and don’t charge any hidden fees or unexpected costs.

About QuickPR:

QuickPR is a Public Relations and Digital Service marketplace that provides a wide range of PR-related services from a single platform. Quick PR caters to businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes who are looking for strategies to improve their digital and social media content to attract new customers to their websites.

QuickPR has a vast network of vetted and experienced public relations and digital marketing service providers who work around the clock to provide businesses with the best possible service. Other than offering a wide range of services, QuickPR also offers a money-back guarantee on all of its services to ensure its customers’ satisfaction. 

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