Winter Bedsheet: This bedsheet becomes a heater in winter, know from where you can buy it



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Winter Bedsheet

After completing all the work in winter, getting into the cold bed and quilt at night seems like a task in itself. Although with the help of room heater, you can heat your room, but the bed still remains cold. But now there is no need to worry because this time technology has come up with such a bedsheet which makes your bed warm after a few minutes. Let us know from where it can be bought and how it is used.

It is very simple to use. You have to place it on your bed, spread your regular bed sheet over it and just plug the included plug into the bedside switch. Keep in mind that the plug end should be towards the headboard while laying. Now once you switch on, you get 3 modes in it.

The first mode is Light, the second mode is Medium, and the third mode is High.

In the bitter cold of December and January, turn it on in high mode 10 minutes before going to bed and lie comfortably on a warm bed for 10 minutes. But remember that after lying down, you must do it in medium or light mode because after you go to bed, so much heat will not be required. However, it also has a treatment for excessive heat and this bed warmer automatically turns off after running continuously for 12 hours.

very easy to buy

You can buy it from any online platform like Amazon or Flipkart. It comes in two sizes, one for a single bed and the other for a double bed. Talking about the price, these bed warmers start from Rs 999, but if you want to take care of durability and safety, then good bed warmers can be found in the range of 2500 to 3000. Make sure that the bed-warmer you buy is shock-proof, comes with at least a one-year warranty, and has a good quality 2-pin plug.

Low-quality plugs run the risk of getting shot certic

The Electric Bed Warmer comes in five colors including Cream, Blue, Grey, Red, White and Purple. Talking about power consumption, it only takes 2 coils of 70 watts each. According to this, even if you run this bedsheet for 12 hours daily, this bedsheet consumes less electricity than a ceiling fan.

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