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The Windows built-in Notepad may be the most unchanged built-in tool for thousands of years. Its basic functions have not changed much since Windows 95, until the Windows 11 For the first time, dark mode, multi-stage recovery, and a new find/replace feature have been added. But even so, Notepad is still the same tool in essence. It is very convenient to quickly edit configuration files, but it lacks the complex functions of many specialized text editors.

Now, though, it looks like Notepad on Windows 11 is finally taking a big step forward. The Verge found a tweet from a Microsoft product manager saying “Windows 11 Notepad now has tabs!” and attached a screenshot showing Notepad with tabs. The embarrassing thing is that the screenshot says “Confidential, please do not discuss features or screenshots”, so it is not surprising that the tweet disappeared after a few minutes, and the product manager is probably not very good.

Notepad tab


Paging is a very practical and even indispensable function for managing and editing multiple text files at the same time. Anyone who has used modern browsers will have a deep a few years agoI have experimented on Windows 10 to organize multiple apps in a paged manner, but in the end there was no result, but the paging function was added to the file manager of Windows 11 at the beginning of this year. So while Microsoft is clearly experimenting with pagination in Notepad, it’s not certain that it will actually be launched.

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