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Twitter has a built-in suicide prevention function. When you search for keywords related to suicide, a reminder will be inserted at the top position, directing users to suicide prevention hotlines or services in their area.However, according toReuters reportsElon Musk personally issued an order on Friday to remove this top prompt.

After the Reuters article was published, Twitter’s director of trust and safety, Elle Irwin, confirmed that the tip had indeed been removed, but only temporarily for “modification and improvement” of the content of the tip, and was expected to put it back next week. . Musk himself posted on Twitter on Saturday, stating that the reminder is still there, that it’s all fake news, and that Twitter “doesn’t prevent suicide.” When the main site editor searched for relevant keywords earlier, the prompt did not appear, but the editor just tested it, and now it seems to have recovered.

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Irwin told Reuters that Twitter intends to adopt the model adopted by Google after this revision, but the strange thing is that the upgrade of such functions generally does not need to “shutdown” the previous version and then reopen the new version. No matter how Twitter explains it, there was a segment this weekend that suicide prevention reminders weren’t working, adding to the displeasure of many who were already worried about Twitter.

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