Twitter Blue can now upload videos up to 60 minutes long and prioritize responses

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according to Techcrunch found an updated Twitter Blue Documentation, Twitter has brought two new exclusive features to its Blue subscribers, including the ability to upload videos of up to 60 minutes in length and priority in ordering responses. Both features are benefits that Musk promised early last month when he announced that subscriptions would increase to $8.

Among the two, the priority of sorting seems to have been enabled, and the blue tick can already be seen occupying the top position in most discussion threads. However, it is not sure whether subscribers can be absolutely on the top, or it is possible that due to certain algorithmic conditions, ordinary users may also “jump in the queue” among subscribers. Twitter’s support page says the feature “helps reduce scams, spam, and bots,” but many people worry that it will make scam content or spam easier to see, as long as you pay $8.

As for the video part, the original size limit of 10 minutes and 512MB is relaxed to 60 minutes and 2GB, and the maximum resolution can be up to 1080p. However, this relaxation is limited to the web version, and the upload limit for Android and iOS remains the same.

Musk said that Twitter will share the uploaded videos with creators in the future, and the conditions may be higher than YouTube’s 55% share. However, Twitter did not specify what the source of this “dividend” is. And before that, Twitter still needs to solve the problem of piracy and content appropriateness, otherwise no advertiser will be willing to put it.

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