Remember these things before buying an air purifier for your home



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Air Purifier

Benefit of Air Purifier: Air pollution is increasing rapidly in India. Especially the air of Delhi NCR is more affected. In such a situation, people are resorting to air purifiers to get clean air. There are many types of air purifiers available in the market, whose price ranges from ten thousand to lakhs. But now the question arises that what are the things we should keep in mind while buying a good air purifier. Although you can choose it according to your budget, but before that you need to pay attention to some things.


First of all you have to decide what is your need? Do you have to cover only a small area or use the air purifier over a large area? Choose an efficient air purifier according to the need of the area.


Filters are the most important part of an air purifier. Because filters only work to kill bacteria and viruses along with absorbing the dust present in the air. Therefore, while choosing an air purifier, be sure to know whether high quality filters have been used in it or not.

CA. Dr.

CA. Dr. Means Clean Air Delivery Rate. Based on this international formula, it can be known how effective any unit will be in cleaning the air. While choosing an air purifier, take special care that the rating given by your purifier is correct according to your area. It is written in the description of the purifier and it is also displayed on the display in the unit at all times.

silent mode

When any machine works, there is definitely a sound of its running. But at present companies take care of its sound while making air purifiers. While choosing your air purifier, make sure that it is running on silent mode or not. Otherwise sleep can make you violent.


Several filters are used in a good air purifier. These are different in many purifiers and many have all the filters in-built in a single filter. While buying an air purifier, also know that after how long its filters need to be cleaned or replaced and how much it will cost.

extra features

Many companies also provide extra features in their purifiers to make them different from others. Such as remote control, bluetooth, wifi etc. You can see this according to your budget and requirement. Air purifiers are generally used only in closed places. However, currently many portable air purifiers are also coming, which can be easily carried with you anywhere.

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