Meta Quest 2 update unlocks 7% GPU performance

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Oculus Quest 2

Meta Quest 2, which has been out for two years, ushered in a few days agorenew, the factory releases more GPU performance. After the upgrade is complete, the maximum frequency of Quest 2’s GPU will increase from the original 490MHz to 525MHz, which can bring about a 7% performance increase. “You don’t need any integration or programming to benefit from this improvement, as the dynamic clock system will automatically increase the frequency when it detects an app that can take advantage of the high frequency,” Meta wrote. In addition, if you enable dynamic foveation in the app, the GPU will also be boosted to 525MHz to ensure high quality graphics.

For Quest 2, which has entered the end of its life cycle, this update can give it some vitality. Before Meta releases Quest 3 next year, old users should be very happy to see this.

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