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In recent years, more and more enterprises and institutions have become the targets of hackers’ ransom attacks, and The Guardian Seems to be the latest victim. They had a “serious IT incident” on Tuesday night. “We believe this is a ransomware attack, but continue to identify all possibilities,” editor-in-chief Katharin Viner and Guardian Media Group CEO Anna Bateson wrote in a letter to employees. Working hard to manage all aspects of this matter, the vast majority of employees are able to work from home as they have during the pandemic.”

It is said that some of The Guardian’s technical infrastructure and “behind-the-scenes services” have been affected, and employees have been asked to switch to remote work for the rest of the week. However, both the webpage and the app can still post normally, and the management is confident that the printed version will be available on Thursday. Prior to this, Fast Company, The New York Times, etc. had also been attacked to varying degrees. It seems that improving system security should also be put on the agenda of major media.

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