Do you know about these features of WhatsApp, the problem will be solved in a minute – how to send high quality photos on whatsapp

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Whatsapp has become an important part of our life. There will not be any person in everyone’s house who does not use it. Do you know all the features of WhatsApp? We think not. We are going to tell you one such feature. About which you hardly know. Today we are going to tell you a new feature of WhatsApp. After setting this, every video on Whatsapp will be sent in the best quality. So let us also tell you with which changes you can send photos or videos in good quality.

have to do this first

If you also want to send every video and photo to someone in high-quality, then you have to go to the app first. After going here, you will see three dots at the top. After this a list will open and you will also see the settings in it. The option of storage and data will appear in the settings itself. You can also change the photo upload quality by going here. After opening this option auto will appear.

this was the whole process
This option is already selected. In this list, you are going to see the option of Data Saver and Best Quality. Auto simply means that after this option the photo quality will be selected by WhatsApp itself. While the data saver means that after this the quality of the photo itself will be reduced. While Best Quality means that even if your internet speed is low, the photo will go in better quality during this time.

If you also want that every photo should go in better quality then you can choose this option. Apart from this, even if you send the photo in document form, the quality of the photo is very good, but before doing so you have to save each photo in docs. After it’s saved in Documents, you can send it to anyone as a document.

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