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CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 20: The TikTok logo is displayed outside a TikTok office on December 20, 2022 in Culver City, California. Congress is pushing legislation to ban the popular Chinese-owned social media app from most government devices. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

According to reports, ByteDance laid off four employees located in China and the United States because they were involved in snooping on the data of multiple users in the United States, including several reporters. The relevant investigation was conducted by an external legal counsel, and it was discovered that the relevant employees had snooped on user data in order to find out the identity of the internal whistleblower.

The employee involved is a team member who supervises employee behavior, and the users they snooped on come from three media outlets:BuzzFeed Newsunder the Financial Times Cristina Criddleand the former BuzzFeed News employee who is currently Forbes, the above media have all reported on TikTok’s close relationship with the Chinese government.

The official stated that the spied data includes multiple historical records that will be deleted in Singapore and the US server. TikTok has previously confirmed that their user data will be stored on Oracle’s server, but it will also be stored on its own server at that time. server for backup.

ByteDance is replying Variety Shi said that the employees involved abused their powers to access user data and have been dismissed. Emphasizing that the relevant behavior is unacceptable and contrary to their determination to gain the trust of users, they also revealed that they will significantly strengthen internal data security and access protocols.

In the past October, Forbes reported that members of ByteDance’s internal audit and compliance department had planned to use TikTok to target and track down American users. ByteDance denied the report, launched an internal investigation, and explained through the Times that they would reorganize the departmental structure to prevent access to US user data.

Before the outbreak of user data being spied on this time, there were multipleprovinceHe and the senator made a high-profile announcement to prohibit the installation of TikTok on government devices, and are even considering legislation to prohibit social platforms related to the governments of China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and other countries, including TikTok, from appearing on the devices of American consumers.

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