Buy Philips Fidelio T1 for US$111, there are many earplugs to choose from, which are convenient to fit the ear shape

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Philips’ Fidelio T1 really. The wireless earphones are now on sale on Amazon. The price is reduced from the usual US$179 to US$117. With the discount coupon, you can get it for only US$111, which is extremely cost-effective. In addition to its excellent sound quality, Fidelio T1 also provides a wealth of earplugs so that users of different ear shapes can find a perfect match, including six sets of common silicone earplugs, plus three sets of Comply memory foam earplugs with a higher fit. To provide users with better sound insulation.

Click here to buy Philips Fidelio T1 True. Wireless Headphones — US$146

Fidelio T1 uses the combination of Knowles moving iron and 10mm large moving coil, supports three encoding technologies of SBC, AAC and LDAC, and has obtained Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification. It adopts ANC Pro+ hybrid active noise reduction, which uses two microphones to reduce noise successively, which can effectively make music clearer and reduce the impact of environmental noise. The ambient sound mode uses the microphone to collect the sound of the outside world, which is also useful for listening to others or avoiding danger when crossing the road.


It also has a “wearing detection” function. When it detects that the user has taken off the earphones, it will automatically pause, and it will not restart until it is sensed to wear it again. You don’t have to take out the phone and press pause every time. .

In the “Philips Headphones” exclusive app, you can customize functions such as noise reduction and ambient sound for the headphones, and you can also choose four preset EQ equalizers, and you can also check the power of the headphones and the charging box. According to Philips, the Fidelio T1 has 13 hours of battery life when active noise reduction is turned off, and 9 hours when it is turned on. The portable box that supports Qi wireless charging can provide another 35 hours of power (without ANC), which is enough for multiple days of use.

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