Crypto mining is approaching a critical juncture. Digital producers and marketplaces will benefit from improved NFT discovery.

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The Ethereum community is anticipating a major shift.

According to Warren Rogers, CFO of Blockware Solutions, a long-awaited decision to switch from a proof-of-work consensus algorithm to one that prioritises proof of stake may compel many to mine other cryptocurrencies.

Because PoS requires specialised hardware, “Ethereum miners face a very high chance of their computers being obsolete overnight,” which might lead to Bitcoin becoming the dominant cryptocurrency.

While this may be true in the near term, Rogers argues, “in the long run, this move establishes the precedent for being able to fundamentally change the underlying protocol.”

Even early-stage firms can become segregated because employees are hired to undertake one single task.

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According to Erol Toker, founder and CEO of, companies that find ways to connect their sales flow and customer satisfaction operations have an advantage.

Toker adds, “Optimizing your unique path to better connect with customers necessitates having a cross-discipline team that is fully focused on that goal and sees the client as their guiding star.”

It’s simple to create a recommendation system for a company that sells coats online, but optimising for limitless inventory, anonymous clients, and opaque consumer behaviour becomes exponentially more difficult when selling NFTs.

These may be minor hiccups for NFT marketplaces, but the current state of affairs is detrimental to digital producers, as their work is reduced to a drop in the ocean, writes Alexandre Robicquet, co-founder and CEO of Crossing Minds.

According to Robicquet, the key to tackling this challenge is to create a system that encourages NFT discovery:

If a recommendation system can assure that buyers can meaningfully discover NFTs they love, or believe have investment potential, or both, and if it can keep buyers coming back for more, then artists will gain for years to come.

IT can play a major role in driving sustainability.

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Every little bit helps. Data centres use around 1% of the world’s electricity each year, but when you consider that a recent heat wave in Antarctica cost us another ice shelf, every little bit helps.

In an in-depth blog post, Cloudbolt CEO Jeff Kukowski discusses how to reduce IT energy consumption by using intelligent automation, boosting visibility, lowering shadow IT, and optimising CI/CD pipelines.

He claims that “the total of many little modifications will lead to the transformative improvements that are required.”

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