Ten investors discussing the no-code and low-code landscape in Q1 2022 each say that the industry is big enough for multiple separate hyper-innovative businesses.

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Marketers and analysts have been the primary users of no-code and low-code development suites thus far. However, the tide is turning, and these suites are becoming more prevalent in DevOps and security.

“At first, no-code/low-code was primarily a way for non-technical builders to create (often gimmicky) applications,” said Navin Chaddha, managing director at venture capital firm Mayfield.

“Today, giving non- or semi-technical end users, including DevOps and security engineers, the ability to easily and quickly deploy applications without the need for custom development is a core capability in many enterprise software companies.” It’s transforming entire categories of enterprise software.”

Low-code solutions have come a long way in terms of functionality in recent years. In August 2020, we polled five venture capitalists about the industry, and they were mostly enthusiastic, predicting a slew of use cases that would drive demand. Since then, no-code and low-code solutions have begun to appear in the highly technical realm of machine learning.

Despite the growing adoption of DevOps, there are still many challenges to overcome, one of which, according to Ganesh Bell, managing director of Insight Partners, is psychological. “With development/internal IT teams, we need to push against the stigma of adopting low-code,” he stated.

“There is still pride in constructing things from the ground up, as well as a concern of not being considered seriously as a developer/development team, although low-code platforms really improve a developer’s capabilities by allowing them to work faster and do (a lot) more.” Similarly, there is concern that no-code technologies will become disorderly and lack governance.

For a better view of the current condition of the market, we spoke to a group of active investors about how the no-code/low-code sector has performed since 2020, what difficulties lie ahead, and when they expect their investments to start paying off.

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