STRIVE and Accel led a $4.6 million seed round for Testsigma. The Open-Source Test Automation Platform from Testsigma Is Designed to Help Modern Software Development Teams Test and Release Software.

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Test automation platform Testsigma has raised $4.6 million in seed funding led by Accel and STRIVE, with BoldCap and a slew of other well-known entrepreneurs and operators joining in. Freshworks’ co-founder and CTO; Kiran Darisi, Freshworks’ co-founder and VP of engineering; Parsuram Vijayasankar, Freshworks’ co-founder and principal engineer; Vetri Vellore,’s CEO; Nitesh Banta, CEO at B12; Ioann Fainsilber, Co-Founder at Pintek, and others are among them.

The funds will be used to expand Testsigma’s core engineering and product teams, as well as to grow with and for a global community of testers, test automation engineers, and developers.

The open-source Testsigma test automation technology was created to help modern software development teams test and deploy products fast, consistently, and at scale. This is a long-standing difficulty for modern engineers, which explains the widespread interest in Testsigma.

Today’s test stack has made test automation more about developing and maintaining scripts than about getting quality software to market as rapidly as possible, stated Rukmangada Kandyala, founder and CEO of Testsigma.

At Testsigma, we’re attempting to not only simplify test automation in order to speed up testing, but also to make it a sustainable, scalable process in which the tools don’t require continuing maintenance, allowing teams to focus on value delivery rather than scripting and framework maintenance. “

Software delivery is now faster than ever before, thanks to an increased focus on automation and DevOps. Because the toolchain that is designed to enable automated testing has so many moving elements, test automation in companies becomes a parallel development effort. They also have significant upfront and continuing costs for resources, technology, and experience.

Thousands of developers, QAs, and product managers from companies like Sage, HPE, Netgear, HDFC Life, IEEE, SignEasy, American Psychological Association, Mehiläinen, and others are already using Testsigma.

“Test automation is a problem that every company faces, especially now that release cycles are getting shorter.” We’re ecstatic to be working with Testsigma. “It’s a really comprehensive, easy-to-use test automation platform that caters to an organization’s every testing demand, “said Abhinav Chaturvedi, a partner at Accel.

Rukmangada Kandyala, Pratheep Velicherla, Vikram Chaitanya, and Rajesh Reddy established Testsigma in 2019. The team has extensive expertise in building enterprise SaaS apps for companies such as Zoho, Freshworks, Oracle, and HPE.

“These are dev-founders creating for other devs.” If we are to ship good software, we need a collaborative strategy to overcome the fragmentation problem in test automation.

“The team’s open-source approach to building a great platform appears to be the perfect mix,” said Nikhil Kapur, STRIVE’s partner.

The test automation market is increasing at a healthy 20% per year, and by 2025, it will be worth $50 billion. According to the World Quality Report (21-22), more than 80% of companies are currently building their own bespoke test automation stack from the ground up, and more than 63 percent of these are looking for smart testing solutions to speed up their releases.

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