Brian Rothenberg of Defy.V.C. talks about cost-effective growth marketing methods at TC Early Stage.


Every entrepreneur wants to figure out how to acquire, engage, and keep a large number of consumers rapidly, reliably, and at scale. In today’s competitive startup industry, marketing strategies from the “aughts,” such as email blasts and recycling the same keywords in a Google Adwords campaign, won’t cut it.

You won’t be able to attain long-term sustainable growth if you want a fast-forward button. Consider using the art and science of growth marketing instead. Growth marketing methods, when executed successfully, can not only expand your consumer base to new heights, but they can also provide you with something even more valuable: highly engaged, devoted customers.

It’s a good idea to implement growth marketing methods early on in your startup’s journey. That’s why we’ve invited Brian Rothenberg, a partner at, to give a session at TechCrunch Early Stage on April 14 called Growth Marketing for Startups. Rothenberg will deconstruct growth marketing, demonstrating how it may improve your bottom line and long-term viability while maximising your marketing budget.

Rothenberg knows what he’s talking about, and he brings a plethora of startup expertise to the table. He finds and supports entrepreneurs who are creating a new reality through their unique perspective and vision as an investment partner at defy. VC (Venture Capital).Aalto, Fourthwall, Moment House, Novi, Office Together, PerkUp, PocketSuite, Snapwire, and Thrilling are just a few of Rothenberg’s investments.

Before joining, Rothenberg was the first VP of Growth at Eventbrite, where he helped grow the company from a small startup to the world’s largest event technology platform and marketplace for live experiences, with millions of users, $300 million in revenue, and an IPO with a market cap of close to $3 billion.

Rothenberg co-founded SkillSlate, a VC-backed local services marketplace, earlier in his career. He grew the company by selling it to TaskRabbit, which was ultimately bought by IKEA. He also served during Yahoo!’s first 10 years, where, as the company’s youngest product manager, he helped build several of its early businesses.

This seminar is for you if growth marketing is a new concept to you or if you want to improve your knowledge and marketing skills. Join Brian Rothenberg to learn more about the advantages of growth marketing and why it’s such an important strategy for startups.

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