US Fisker announces new EV to compete with Tesla in mileage

US Fisker

Fiscar, an emerging electric vehicle (EV) maker, announced the EV sports utility vehicle (SUV) “Ocean” series at the Los Angeles Auto Show on the 17th. Some models are said to have a longer mileage than the competing Tesla “Model Y.”


It is scheduled for production next year. Compete with Tesla with Lucid in the same industry with battery technology.


Automakers are competing for the development and production of state-of-the-art EV batteries, with the EV market expected to expand over the next few years.


Fiscar adopts the technology of Chinese battery maker, China’s Ningde era New Energy Technology (CATL). The mileage on a single charge is about 350 miles for the most expensive SUV “Ocean Extreme” ($ 68,999) and about 340 miles for the “Ocean Ultra” ($ 49,999).


Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y Long Range has a range of 330 miles and is priced at $ 58,990.


The batteries of the top two models of Ocean from Fiscar use nickel-based materials. The most affordable “Ocean Sport” ($ 37,499) uses iron-based materials. The mileage on a single charge is said to be 250 miles.


The Los Angeles Car Show opens on the 17th. The previous year was canceled due to the crisis of the new coronavirus, and it will be held for the first time in two years.

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